Integrity Albums

The Integrity Album line is a full-featured, high-end wedding album at half the expected price and a turn time fast enough to make your life easier.


  • Photographic covers: glossy, soft touch, and canvas
  • Synthetic leather covers: black, espresso, brown, matte black, pink, white, black croc, and red
  • Genuine leather cover: black, brown and almond
  • Metal covers available in glossy, semi-gloss, metallic, or matte finish
  • ChromaLuxe™ covers are HD, high gloss images on hardboard back
  • Deluxe album boxes available in 8×8, 10×10, and 12×12 sizes
  • 3-5 day turn around time

Integrity Albums
Leather (Synthetic) Cover$56.00$56.00$63.00$64.00$64.00$69.00$72.00$69.00$69.00$72.00
Genuine Leather$75.60$75.60$85.05$86.40$86.40$93.15$97.20$93.15$93.15$97.20
Photo Cover$56.00$56.00$63.00$64.00$64.00$69.00$72.00$69.00$69.00$72.00
ChromaLuxe™ with Leather (Synthetic)$106.00$106.00$113.00$114.00$114.00$119.00$122.00$119.00N/A$122.00
ChromaLuxe™ with Genuine Leather$117.20$117.20$125.60$126.80$126.80$132.80$136.40$132.80N/A$136.40
Metal with Leather (Synthetic)$106.00$106.00$113.00$114.00$114.00$119.00$122.00$119.00N/A$122.00
Metal with Genuine Leather$117.20$117.20$125.60$126.80$126.80$132.80$136.40$132.80N/A$136.40
Leather Back (Synthetic)$86.00$86.00$93.00$94.00$94.00$99.00$102.00$99.00$99.00$102.00
Genuine Leather Back / Photo Cover$107.50$107.50$116.25$117.50$117.50$123.75$127.50$123.75$123.75$127.50
Leather Bound (Synthetic)$86.00$86.00$93.00$94.00$94.00$99.00$102.00$99.00$99.00$102.00
Genuine Leather Bound$107.50$107.50$116.25$117.50$117.50$123.75$127.50$123.75$123.75$127.50
Cameo & Leather (Synthetic)$81.00$81.00$88.00$89.00$89.00$94.00$97.00$94.00N/A$97.00
Cameo & Genuine Leather$109.35$109.35$118.80$120.15$120.15$126.90$130.95$126.90N/A$130.95
Luster Spreads$2.76$2.76$4.20$5.51$4.99$6.07$8.19$6.07$5.78$8.19
Metallic or Silk Spreads$3.31$3.31$5.04$6.62$5.95$7.28$9.45$7.28$6.93$9.45
Spread range available: 6 to 30
Leather cover options: black, espresso, brown, matte black, pink, white, black croc and red
Genuine leather cover options: black, brown and almond
Photo cover options: gloss, soft touch and canvas
Metal cover options: glossy, semi-gloss, metallic, matte

Upgrade Options 
Cover Stamping
(up to 2 lines)
Color Correction
(per album)
Luster Spray (per album)$25.00
Black Presentation Box$6.00
Black Presentation Bag $6.00
8x8 Deluxe Album Box$20.00
10x10 Deluxe Album Box$25.00
12x12 Deluxe Album Box$30.00
CD of Album$3.68

Crystal Flash Drive 

Leather and Metal Presentation Box

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