Choose from our metal, glass, porcelain, barn wood or natural wood ornaments.


  • Metal ornaments are created by using a high-heat technology to fuse your image into aluminum metal for incredible visual depth and luminosity
  • Barn wood mini ornaments are metal prints mounted on genuine Iowa barn wood for a one-of-a-kind product
  • Our natural wood ornaments have an image is printed on the front with a protective coating on the back – wood grain slightly visible under image for an earthy overall look
  • Make unique gift tags and great holiday gifts for clients!
  • Drag and drop designer templates available in Easy Order

Hexagon Aluminum OrnamentHexagon$13.23
Round Porcelain OrnamentCircle$15.23
Round Glass OrnamentCircle$15.23
Plastic OrnamentCircle$6.83
Metal Shape Ornament - LondonLondon$16.80
Metal Shape Ornament - BeneluxBenelux$16.80
Metal Shape Ornament - PraguePrague$16.80
Metal Shape Ornament - BerlinBerlin$16.80
Metal Shape Ornament - TaperedTapered$16.80
Metal Shape Ornament - CircleCircle$16.80
Metal Shape Ornament - Horizontal RectangleHorizontal Rectangle$16.80
Metal Shape Ornament - Vertical RectangleVertical Rectangle$16.80
2x3 Barn Wood MiniHorizontal Rectangle$12.00
3x4 Barn Wood MiniHorizontal Rectangle$15.00
Natural Wood Ornament - BeneluxBenelux$15.00
Natural Wood Ornament - CircleCircle$15.00
Natural Wood Ornament - BerlinBerlin$15.00
Natural Wood Ornament - PraguePrague$15.00

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