Shipping Terms

Below is a guide to our shipping pricing and options. See specific pricing in McKenna Easy Order for special products or shipping options which may not follow the general guide below. (Please note: We cannot ship to a PO Box.)
Continental USA
Ground – Standard Ship Method (1 to 5 days in transit, view map below for your area) – $2.00 per order
2 Day Air Saver (unless otherwise noted) – $5.00 additional per order
2 Day Air Saver for Wraps, Fine Art, Metal Prints – $18.00 additional per order
Overnight (unless otherwise noted) – $23.00 additional per order
Overnight or Saturday Delivery for Wraps, Fine Art, and Metal Prints – Actual shipping charges
Saturday Delivery (unless otherwise noted) – $48.00 additional per order
Metal Prints – Pre-framed products 24x36 and larger (24 and larger on short side or 36 and larger on long side) – Upgrade from standard ship method – Actual shipping charges
Framed Products (all framed products including Gallery Wraps, Metal Prints, and Fine Art) – Pre-framed products 28x42 and larger (28 and larger on short side or 42 and larger on long side); actual shipping charges apply
Drop Ship – UPS Ground – $7.50 per order (Additional rates apply for Alaska, Hawaii, Canada or upgraded service)
CODS – $13.50 additional charge, actual shipping on refused orders
Canada, Hawaii or Alaska
Standard shipping – $23 additional per box
Upgraded shipping (2-3 days) – Actual shipping charges
16x24 and Larger Products  Actual shipping charges
To view your UPS Ground standard days in transit, enter ZIP 50701 from this map.


Credit Card – We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express charged on a per order basis or monthly basis. Monthly charge is with credit approval.
Other Payment Information
1. There is a $35.00 charge on all returned checks.
2. All prices and promotions are subject to change without notice.  Handling fee of $0.35 applies to all orders.